Leadership Ministries

While every ministry of the congregation requires leaders to manage the operation of that ministry, leadership is much more than management. Leadership is listed in the Bible as a spiritual gift with an important purpose: to knit together all the gifts of the people into a cohesive and effective organism St. Paul called “The Body of Christ.” Paul challenged us to remember that Christ alone is the head of this body and also that the way we carry out the actions of the Church is to be a witness to the world that Jesus is alive and present with us here and now.

Leaders keep the mission of the congregation foremost in what they do. Leaders are “shepherds,” tending and caring for the ministries they lead, providing guidance and resources, both material and human, for those ministries so that they will be as strong and effective as possible. Leaders share a vision of the calling of the congregation and motivate others to participate in ministry. Those who have been given the gift of leadership can become involved in the following ministries:


Congregation Council

Twelve members and the pastor make up the Council. Each member is elected at the annual congregation meeting to a term of three years. Members are able to serve a maximum of two consecutive terms. Each Council member is also a liaison to a ministry team or standing committee by Council appointment. Council meets monthly, currently on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the church office wing.


Ministry Teams

Ministry teams and committees are responsible for the ongoing ministries of the congregation. Chairs and members are appointed or renewed by Council immediately after the annual congregational meeting, as provided for in the constitution and continuing resolutions and bylaws of the congregation.


Committees and Task Forces

Certain committees are appointed or elected for particular tasks. These include committees that meet to prepare for the annual congregational meeting, long-range committees and special purpose task forces.