Did you know the Sunday after Labor Day is Grandparents Day? This is a day similar to Mother’s and Father’s Day in which we celebrate our Grandparents. These special people are our mentors, second mothers and fathers, teachers and above all else those who call ourselves “grandchildren” go to when we want to learn about our family history.  The stories and experiences our Grandparents have to share with the next generation may be complex but there are good lessons to be learned.

The one thing I remember of my Grandfather while I grew up was his belief in God. It was his and my grandma’s strong spiritual connection to their Lutheran Church in Iowa, that guided not only my father and aunt in their beliefs but also mine and my brother’s beliefs growing up. The pride on their faces when we had our first communion and got confirmed at the end of 8th grade, were enough to keep our faith in God strong.

Looking around at our congregation, I see similar relationships with grandchildren and grandparents. Each family is different, but the relationship between these two groups are strong. Some families don’t get to see their grandparents as often as they used it. But a card or phone call or a video call is all it takes to keep the love between grandparents and grandchildren strong.


Grandparents Day is that one day of the year, we celebrate our relationship with our grandparents. Check in on them, let them know how things are going and what’s new in each other’s lives. Or go for a visit and do something you both enjoy to do. For us, it was fishing or weaving rungs. Or with my other Grandma we may decide to celebrate her birthday since it is close to Grandparents Day. Which means double the gifts and love for the weekend.

The more I think about how special Grandparents are, we should celebrate them every day of the year. Not just on Grandparents Day or their Birthdays or Christmas. EVERYDAY! So call your Grandma or Grandpa up today. Tell them you love them! Make plans to do something you haven’t done in years together. Schedule a video chat if you can’t visit in person. Someday these wonderful mentors and teachers won’t be here on Earth, but will be with us in spirit still guiding us to make good decisions.

Thank you to those who shared pictures this year of you and grandchildren. It is wonderful to see how many wonderful mentors and teachers we have in our congregation for the next generations. Continue to teach and mentor these little minds. Because they will be those who pass down the traditions and beliefs of your family to the upcoming generations.