Late Summer—Early Fall Greetings to All!

Hard to fathom that it was during Lent that the COVID-19
Pandemic struck the world and in the meantime thousands of people
have gotten sick and thousands have died, thousands are without work
and the whole economy has ground almost to a halt. We find
ourselves on a slow comeback with a long journey ahead for a good

In spite of it all, I keep my eyes focused on the Book of Matthew, Year A
2020 of our lectionary, where we are reminded of our call to discipleship.
It’s in Matthew 28 where Jesus Commissions the disciples who have
traveled to the end with him to “Go, and make disciples.” He did not say
“Go and recruit members.” There is a difference. Disciples are people
who follow their teacher wherever they are led. Members in our culture
belong to an organization. Disciples make the way of their teacher the
focus of their lives. Members take what they want from what the
organizations offers. Discipleship is an often hard to keep commitment
that leads to joy, transformation and blessed life. Membership is easier
and lets us stay just as we are.

I think that now as we have reopened for in-house worship it serves us
well to think of the important aspects of Discipleship. And, if we do take
these dimensions seriously, our individual lives and our life as a
congregation would be transformed more and more to the image of God.
Our lives together would, indeed, Make Christ Known and we would
always be Putting Christ First!

Go and be disciples, that we may go and make disciples.

Blessings to you dear friends…keep well and stay safe!

Pastor Nord

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